People have been telling me for years to publish a book…well here it is! I call it DANCE MAGIC because that is the only way to explain the incredible feats of strength and beauty that dancers perform in front of my lenses….MAGIC!

Every photograph has a story behind it, and I am happy to share some of these stories with you. For the most part, DANCE MAGIC is a picture book which hopefully explains, in an entertaining way, some of the creativity that goes on during a photo shoot, with ideas flying as fast as a grande jete!

Some of the descriptions explain how many difficult and unusual photographs happened without the photographer resorting to post-shoot image manipulation…..which these dancers didn’t need.

There are two editions of DANCE MAGIC. The deluxe edition is physically larger and includes 40 more pages of my favorite pictures. I hope you will enjoy DANCE MAGIC as much as I enjoyed working with these beautiful artists.