Richard's post-war career as an architect, along with his dedicated athleticism as a distance aerobic athlete, laid the groundwork for his artistic appreciation of another form of "flight" the world of dance. His wife and daughter were immersed in classical ballet, and Richard, the architect-artist-athlete, discovered great beauty and inspiration in this most visually ephemeral of art forms.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Richard has begun a second "career" as a dance photographer, traveling from his own metropolis to the West Coast and various places in between. His mission is to capture "bursts of beauty" which happen so quickly that the observer's eye can not absorb the image. "There can be so many moments of excellence during performance, class or rehearsal: the apex of a jump, the perfection of line, an expression, a gesture. But the continuous flow of dance means that these beautiful moments are fleeting. By capturing these "bursts of beauty" in a photograph, I can preserve perfection forever."