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On Location at Old Car City

Do you see what I see?
May 15, 2017

Old Car City is an amazing place in northwest Georgia. There are hundreds of cars, and I thought of all kinds of ways to pose dancers with the cars. One idea was more important to me, one that would require a dancer to jump between 2 old cars. We found 2 old cars that would be perfect so I started by explaining to my dancer exactly what I had in mind.

The idea was that she would take off from one fender and land on the other. Let me say here that my first thought is always dancer safety. So, if my dancer was the least bit concerned, we would not do it. She was confident, so she took a little jump between the cars. Notice she is in pointe shoes.

After a few little hops between the cars, she decided to take a bigger jump.

When she was fully confident, we talked about it some more. I asked her numerous times if she was sure of her landing. I studied her replies for any hint of fear but I saw none. I told her I would use my 10 frames/second shooting mode and that she would only do this once. Good or bad, we were only going to do this once. I got in position, checked my camera setting and said “ready." When she was ready, she jumped.

She is beautiful! Notice she is looking up like “this is nothing.” She is not looking down to spot her landing because she could not see it anyway with the tutu blocking her view. This image was on display at the National Museum of Dance for a year.

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